March 07, 2018

New Secretary & Commissioners


Kristi Klingman has been voted in as our Secretary during our February 2018 meeting. She has been taking fantastic notes for all of our meetings thus far and we are so happy to welcome her as an official officer of our Association. Congrats o Kristi!!


As most of you may already know - our longtime soccer commissioner, Michell Durosko will be resigning after the Spring Season. She is staying with us throughout Spring with co-commissioner, Tim Holland to learn the ropes and to take over for her fully in the Fall. Both of their information is on both soccer pages. We are so sad to see Michell go, but looking forward to Tim taking the reigns for our soccer programs.


Kristi Klingman took over our volleyball program for the 2017 season. Only being commissioner for one year - she did a fantastic job organizing and getting things in place for our girls. We welcome Co-Commissioners, Michelle Rucinski and Pam Wadsworth to join our team and take over the volleyball program for our girls. Their contact information can be found on our volleyball page. Congrats to Michelle and Pam!!


Chris Jones has resigned after the Fall/Winter 2017-18 season...after many awesome seasons before this year. Thank you to Chris and all that he has done for our program!! Craig Martin will be taking over our basketball program and was voted in as Basketball Commissioner at our February 2018 meeting. You can find his contact information on our basketball page. Congrats to Craig and we all look forward to next year's season!!